Product Information

Spraymaid and Mini-Spraymaid Shower Guards

  • Keeps water inside the bathtub and shower curtain
  • Age old problem, experienced by millions
  • Stops wet floors
  • Stops after shower mop ups
  • Reduce water damage repair costs around the bathtub i.e.: Wallpaper, sheet rock, vinyl floors, wood floors, tile, and carpet
  • Prevent dry rot and subflooring damage

Specifics of Spraymaid

  • Made of high impact polystyrene
  • Available in white and bone
  • Easy to install with peel and stick backing. No tools required
  • Adhesive backing proven for 20 years to be the best available
  • Adjusts for out of plumb bathtubs and walls and adjusts to radius corners (prefab bath stalls)

Who Uses Spraymaid and Mini-Spraymaid

  • Homeowners
  • Apartment developers & management companies
  • Hotel developers & management companies
  • Condominium/townhouse developers & management companies
  • Universities for use in dorms

Vendor Information

  • Attractive display pack
  • Economical bulk pack
  • A proven profit item
  • Millions are enjoying the benefits of Spraymaid and mini-Spraymaid

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